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To tap into the March Madness conversation, we created our own competition with user generated content
and the famous bracket system.

INFINITI fans consistently submit photos of their vehicles to us and love to engage in friendly competition.
Starting with our top 8 images, we pitted users against each other and asked our audience to vote on their favorites. Each week, we collected votes from the previous polls to decide who was moving forward, all the way up until we got one winner. 


The winner received a canvas print of their image with the #FansOfINFINITI winner badge on it.


This was one of the top performing posts to date, at that time (April 2022.)

"Our "Fans of INFINITI Showdown" bracket game was one of our highest-performing Instagram story executions to date.

The content averaged 2,960 votes per frame and had a 21.93 IS score hitting 50.9% above the benchmark. The social content received elevated support by the community as INFINITI drivers love to be featured. The tactic of tagging all the users featured in the frames led to the featured users and their friends resharing the IG Story to their profiles and engaging in friendly competition, increasing the brand's overall reach to those outside INFINITI social channels."

- Our Content Analyst

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